We assure comprehensive legal advice for starting, operating and growing a commercial enterprise.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in establishing all types of companies. Our work includes drafting all types of documents for the purposes of establishment or ownership transformation of a company, contracts managing shareholders’ relations, share transfer agreements and contracts with managerial staff.

Our law firm has gained the trust of family businesses, where managing relations between shareholders and company management can be particularly complex and where it is of vital importance to manage the relations in such a manner as to ensure the smooth operation of the company also in case of death or incapacity to exercise rights of the managing partners.

We work closely with founders, directors and managers to provide practical guidance with respect to the day-to-day challenges of various businesses. Among others, our lawyers provide comprehensive support in managing relations with their business partners such as drafting general terms and conditions, contracts, documents for security of claims (enforcement drafts, promissory notes, guarantees, mortgage agreements), and in securing their interests in case of their business partners’ insolvency.

Our law firm also assists in ensuring compliance, among others, in the field of data and consumer protection, to ensure smooth operation and to limit legal, financial and regulatory risks as well as to prevent disputes.

In case of threatening disputes or requests received from regulators, administrative or inspection authorities, we advise and search for an optimal solution together with our clients in order to avoid lengthy and costly proceedings.