Our aim is to help clients to enter into contractual relations focusing not only on the satisfaction of today’s needs, but thinking mainly of the possible complications in the future.

At SEDMAK Law Firm LLC we are aware that the contract drafting is a demanding legal task that requires in-depth legal knowledge and the ability to analyse possible complications and their consequences. We strive to learn every aspect of our client’s operation and of the industry in which it operates to understand their needs. We are aware that in order to find an optimal solution, we need to examine not only legal, but also business aspects. We believe that no agreement should only say what should be done. More importantly, it should prescribe in detail what happens if something is not done.

Gained experience in the practice areas of our law firm, in particular in real estate and commercial field, as well as the experience gained by our lawyers in the field of dispute resolution and representation of clients in administrative and inspection proceedings are a valuable source of knowledge for managing our clients’ contractual relations.

In addition to vast experience in drafting all types of contracts in real estate and construction field, we have experience in drafting different sales contracts, vessel and aircraft sale and purchase contracts, contracts for management of relations on airplanes, including representation before the CAA, contracts on the purchase of claims, contracts on the assumption of debt, different types of contracts on business cooperation, contracts for services, deeds of gift, loan agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, brokerage and intermediation contracts, etc.