Our lawyers have been dealing with real estate law on a daily basis since 2008.

SEDMAK Law Firm LLC deals with real estate and construction law on a daily basis.

Drafting agreements and providing advice on sale or rental of residential or commercial real estate on a daily basis allow us to constantly upgrade our knowledge and experience in the field of real estate. Extensive experience has allowed us to manage large real estate projects that required simultaneously handling multiple complex relations, e.g. relations with creditors and fund providers or between them, joint ventures and purchases of secured claims.

Our clients include real estate agencies and investors in real estate projects, whom we advise in preparing the general terms of sale of individual parts of a building and in fulfilling all the conditions under the Protection of Buyers of Apartments and Single Occupancy Buildings Act, as well as individuals investing into real estate of greater value.

Long-standing experience in the field of real estate and construction is a source of expertise that we use in resolving all types of real estate disputes.

Our services include, among others:

  • reviewing the legal state of real estate;
  • managing and coordinating negotiations for the sale or purchase;
  • drafting contracts in relation to real estate, in particular sale and rental contract, rental contract for commercial premises, exchange contract as well as other contracts, such as contract on establishment and termination of real or personal easement, life care contract, contract on support until death and others;
  • drafting construction, engineering and construction supervision contracts;
  • obtaining necessary administrative acts and representation in administrative proceedings;
  • drafting acts for establishment of security on real estate;
  • management and coordination of land register state of real estate with the factual state and management of commonhold and relations between co-owners;
  • consultancy and preparation of acts for amicable arrangement of real estate relations and
  • representation in proceedings due to trespass, prescription, arranging of border as well as other court proceedings.