Through long-standing experience in representing clients in different types of proceedings, our litigation lawyers have gained valuable expertise in resolving complex disputes.

Ever growing requirements of the market and the regulators, changing regulations and the complexity of legal relations lead to disputes which can be resolved only with in-depth knowledge of material law, analytical skills for understanding the complex factual background of the case and sound knowledge of procedural rules. Through long-standing experience in representing clients in court, arbitration and administrative proceedings, our lawyers have developed strategies based on which they approach to resolving complex disputes.

Our lawyers have long-standing experience in representing companies and financial institutions (banks and insurance companies) in proceedings pertaining to complex commercial disputes such as disputes due to breach of different contracts, disputes in relation to cargo claims, complex disputes over compensation for damages, financial services litigation, construction disputes, disputes between shareholders and disputes concerning directors’ liability.

Moreover, we represent clients in different inspection and administrative proceedings before various administrative authorities, agencies and the Information Commissioner as well as in administrative litigation.

We are aware that solely in-depth legal analysis is no longer sufficient to resolve disputes efficiently and represent clients in any proceeding. In order to provide our clients with the best possible representation, we are aiming to constantly improve our knowledge both in the field of material law and procedural rules, while we are also dedicated to improve our argumentation skills as well as our understanding of psychological aspects of decision-making process and negotiations.

Our litigation lawyers develop long-term and confidential relations with our clients and help with analysing the factual background and collecting and analysing the evidence material at a very early stage of the dispute. We work closely with our clients on finding an optimal solution with a view to resolve the dispute as soon as possible and complete the procedure in the client’s best interest.